Podcasts, Blogs, and More

Science-informed podcasts:

  • OCU graduate Christine Schneider shares her expertise and passion for the voice and human body on her podcast The Visceral Voice.

  • Dr. Kwak's Kwak Talks is a must listen for all professional voice users!


Matt Edwards, one of the leading teachers in contemporary commercial music and music theater singing, is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Musical Theatre voice at Shenandoah University. A vocal coach, pedagogue and researcher, edwardsvoice.com contains links to his videos, articles, and more.

Singwise is the work of voice professional Karyn O'Connor. Visit Karyn's website for articles and links to her many youtube videos on vocal health and more.

Body Mind Voice Studio is the work of OCU graduate Marita Stryker. Marita is a NCVS-trained vocologist, singing voice specialist, voice teacher, and yoga instructor who teaches voice, movement, mind-body practices, and evidence-based voice/voice pedagogy.

Youtube Channels:

Dr. Dan's Voice Essentials: Dr. Dan hosts some outstanding guests on the channel covering topics from physiology and pathology to belt and twang.

National Center for Voice and Speech has produced some wonderful videos making tricky voice science concepts easier to understand.

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