Find Your Team!

When faced with a voice problem, it is essential that you seek the care of a qualified laryngologist. (See "Voice Team" for more information.)

The following list is not exhaustive, nor an endorsement of these centers or providers by The Vocal Dose. This list serves as a starting point for your research. It is your responsibility, as the patient, to find a skilled provider whom you trust. It is also important to examine the benefits and limitations of your health insurance plan prior to booking an appointment with a provider.

Find a Provider

A list of providers, organized by state, is housed on the University of Iowa "Voice Academy" website.

As with any care provider, it is the responsibility of the patient to determine if the provider is the right fit for them and if that provider is in-network for insurance purposes. Careful research will reward you with a voice care team that is skilled and compassionate.

Please keep in mind, a recommendation is just a starting point and not necessarily an endorsement. You need to do your research to find the care team that is right for you and in your insurance network.

Recommended Voice Care Providers

*Nervous about getting scoped? Watch this video demonstration.*