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What is Gender-Voice Alignment or Gender Affirming Voice Therapy?

Gender-voice alignment is the process of determining one's specific vocal needs and subsequent development of a voice and communication style that are cohesive. Sessions are typically holistic and include techniques to ensure healthy voice use and exercises to develop appropriate pitch, resonance, prosody, articulation patterns, and nonverbal communication habits. Goals are specifically tailored to each person, and may include using specific speaking patterns or a certain pitch typically associated with a given gender.

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Guest editor, Lauren Lawson (she/her) is a speech-language pathologist and singing voice specialist based out of Roanoke, Virginia. She received her BA in Vocal Performance at Elon University, and MS in Speech-Language Pathology at Radford University. She is currently pursuing a certificate in Vocology through the University of Utah.

Lauren is the owner and sole practitioner at Valley Voice, a private studio offering a range of voice services such as singing lessons, vocal rehab, and gender-voice alignment services.